Kurser / Utbildningar

Keys and strategies for a better life

Join us in a wonderful inner journey and give yourself a precious gift; invest in yourself!

  • Discovery your true desires and aspirations.
  • Deal with health, work-life and relationship challenges.
  • Stand up for yourself and set boundaries.
  • Take a step forward in life.
Pia Peck Månsson & Gunilla Henriksson
Certified Human Awareness Life Coaches and groupleaders.

Feel a change
Benefits delivered by Human Awareness programmes:

  • self-esteem & presence;
  • strengthened connection to your inner-self: feelings and intuition;
  • vitality, reduced stress, & strengthened immune system.
What, where and when
  • Individual and group exercises applying the Human Awareness method.
  • Refreshments & fruit.
  • 13 th of february 2021 at 14.30-16.30
  • Address Mårtenstorget 6, FL 2, Hälsans hus, Lund
  • Investment 390 kr


Pia Peck Månsson Cert.Human Awareness groupleader and coach, Reg.Physical therapist

Gunilla Henriksson Cert.Human Awareness groupleader and coach, Cert. Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist

For more information on the Human Awareness journey please see: www.humanawareness.world

Registration the latest 13 th of january 2021

Mail qinilla@gmail.com and write on ”subject” ”Feb Hälsans hus ”and in the mail write your phone number and why you want to participate. Swish 390 kr to Gunilla 0768-763346 and please write ”february humanawareness ”.

If you have queries, then please contact Gunilla or Pia by email.
qinilla@gmail.com Pia@helajag.com

The course has been an oasis in an otherwise stressed life. Here we have found presence, silence,
and peace of mind. The course leaders are very skilled and knowledgeable and have a fantastic
concept for anyone looking for joy and presence in life. I can warmly recommend the course and

am sure this is something that everyone is in need of!

Henrik – Supply Chain Manager

”Genuine engagement with real effect”; ”An exciting journey to my inner self”; ”Total presence

during course interactions”
Christer – Law enforcement officer (retired).

”To pause, listen inwards, being allowed to open up for feelings, experience fellowship and

belonging”; ”very liberating”
Lena – Owner, Health & Wellness Store

“... A direct & unbelievably positive atmosphere in the group”, ”...what an experience!”, ”...
wonderful to be able to accepted so unconditionally”, ”...a unique sense of security, relaxation,

and joy formed within the group”.
Christina – Teacher

”A deep, meaningful and insightful experience”, ”...lots of feelings and peace, a feeling of depth

and trust in myself and others”

Marianne – Illustrator, Administrator.