Alejandro E. Segurado Luchsinger

Alejandro E. Segurado Luchsinger

Mottagning: Hälsans Hus I Lund
Tel: 076 119 1178


Language: English, Galician, Spanish and a little bit of French, Portuguese and Italian

Hello, I would like to introduce myself by telling you a little bit of my story. As you see above, my name is quite long, so let’s simplify it by calling me Alex. I grew up in a little town in the north of Spain, really close to the sea and the mountain. Already as a child, I have always been interested in flowers, herbs, stones, animals… I was kind of a mystic child. As I got older, I shaped my interests in the herbs’ healing properties (something is called fitotherapy). It was clear to me: my first formation was to become a Biologist (yeah I know, that was an easy pick… a kid who likes animals, plants and rocks).
Meanwhile I was studying for my degree in Biology at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, I started to feel that my spirituality needed to develop as well. Therefore I began my path as a reiki healer, followed by other energy therapies.

Nowadays, I am qualified and can help with the following therapies:

      - Usui Reiki healing

Reiki is an energy base therapy. It can be used to trait several ailments without using any pressure or massage technique. Although, if it is something wished by the receiver, they can be combined. It is an holistic technique that brings balance to the whole system (body, mind and spirit) of the receiver by harmonizing its energetic body which will help to start the healing process on the whole.

      - Crystal reiki healing

As you can break the sun light into a rainbow once it crosses a prism, when you combine reiki with crystals you can achieve a similar result. The reiki healing gets very well complemented by using different crystals and crystals grids that will help to focus the energy for different purposes.

      - Space Energy Clearing

There is much more in our surrounding we can feel, other than what we can touch, hear or smell. Every situation, every being has a dynamic energy field attached to itself and the environment can get impregnated with it depending on the intensity and the time of exposure. That is why sometimes we may not feel good in some places without seeming to be a reasonable explanation, while some other times it feels just perfect and we don’t know why. By using different techniques, the energy can be transmuted so the place is energetically clean, in this way next time we have to be in that space, we won’t be affected by it.

      - Tarot guidance and positioning

My approach with the tarot is to help the seeker to position itself and to understand at what point in its life is, where it comes from and where to go from there. The main interest of the tarot is not to predict an uncertain future, is to pinpoint what is not working with us, what is making us unhappy, giving us the possibility to act on it so to change it.

      - Aromatherapy

Herbs have therapeutic properties and essential oils are the purest part of them. This is why just by using a little amount of them, incredible results can be achieved. They can be used in a massage, as in a diffuser blend or even internally. As they are really potent, it is always recommended to seek the help of a certified therapist, that can mix them in the right proportion and choose the most suitable method for the specific ailment.

Certified as a Botanist (Biology degree with specialization in Plant Biology).
Certified as Reiki Healer (Master level).
Certified as Reiki Crystal Healer.
Certified as Reiki Space Cleanser.
Certified as an External Aromatherapist.

Looking forward to meet you!