Kristy Lund

Kristy Lund

Originally from California, I have now lived in Sweden for a decade. A registered occupational therapist (OTR) since 1997, I have many years of experience helping clients work towards health, fulfillment, and well-being. My doctoral studies focused on balance in daily life and the process of making lifestyle changes.

My coaching services aim to introduce clarity and self-motivation for those who are feeling overwhelmed by life’s demands. I also teach techniques to better manage the emotional stress of everyday life. I have found that coaching can help one move past self-limitations toward what holds meaning in life. (Svenska går bra!)

Life Transitions - from Surviving to Thriving

  • Finding balance, direction and purpose in life
  • Rebuilding life after illness or loss
  • Transitioning to life in a new city, state, or country
  • Job search and change
  • Transitioning to school, work, or retirement
  • Parenting and relationship transitions

“The journey of a million miles starts with one step.” - Laozi
Contact me for a free introductory session. Why not take the first step to a more joy-filled life today?

Kontakt: E-post coach@kristylund.com