Erin Kennedy Tsunoda

Erin Kennedy

Erin Kennedy Tsunoda:
Yin yoga
Vinyasa yoga

Erin Kennedy Tsunoda: Director and Lead Teacher for Lund Yoga Community
Erin is originally from Canada and has been practicing yoga for almost 20 years. She
came to yoga from an athletic background ranging from ballet, basketball, to skiing
and ultra running. Erin is a Registered Yoga Teacher who specialises in working with
athletes and making yoga accessible for everyone. Erin believes yoga should be
safe, fun, and inspiring!
Lund Yoga Community is a donation based yoga community. We want to make yoga
accessible for everyone, and to create a community full of diverse and curious
individual who share the common interest to practice yoga.

Our Schedule at Hälsans Hus
Monday Yin Yoga 19:15-20:15

Our Yin yoga classes focus on letting go, finding acceptance, and embracing
stillness. Yin yoga is designed around staying in postures for 3-5 minutes per pose.
Unlike Yang (Vinyasa) yoga, we don't use our body to get into the pose, we use the
pose to get into our body. Yin yoga is great if you are looking for a calm, quiet, deep
Wednesday Vinyasa Yoga 19:15-20:15
Our Vinyasa classes focus on seamless pose to pose transitions linking the breath,
body, and mind. Vinyasa is a breathing based yoga class that is designed to increase
your strength, flexibility, and awareness. Whether you are a curious beginner or an
experienced yogi, you can find fulfilment in Vinyasa!